Primary Midwifery Care

From the time you find out you are pregnant through 6 weeks postpartum you will receive excellent care from a licensed midwife. I specialize in normal, healthy, preventative, and holistic care for mother and baby.

Directly following the birth, I will remain with you for approximately three hours to monitor vitals of the mother and baby. I will perform a newborn exam, suture when needed, help with clean-up and getting the mother and baby fed, bathed, and tucked into bed. A typical postpartum schedule is visits on days 1, 3, 10, and a 6-week follow-up. As always, if more attention is needed or there is any extra special care needed with breastfeeding, I will come more often.

My midwifery services include prenatal care, attendance of your birth, on-call status and backup care, and 6 weeks of postpartum care. The fee for these services is: $2100.00.

Insurance often does not cover licensed midwives in out-of-hospital births, but I always accept payment plans and some trades. Currently my needs are concrete, carpentry and painting but I am open to suggestions.

Midwifery is a model of care that predates and overlaps with medicine. It is, however, its own specialty: the specialty of supporting women in using their own bodies, brains, and strength to give birth. In midwifery care, birth depends less on interventions because it depends more on the capabilities of women.

Heart-Strong Midwifery
Ashley Hinton-Sharp, LM

(406) 396-0222
Missoula, Montana 

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